101 Uses for Anolyte

101 Uses for AnolyteHow can something that is strong enough to flush germs from a toilet brush be gentle enough to rinse the germs from a toothbrush?

It isn’t often we find a cleaning and personal care product that is this versatile. What else can you clean beyond the toilet brush and toothbrush? Here are just a few uses for Anolyte and this is just for starters!

General home use

  1. Wash windows inside and out
  2. Help keep flowers fresh with a little bit of Anolyte in the water
  3. Help keep Christmas tree fresh by spraying tree’s exterior and adding a little Anolyte to the water
  4. Remove sticky residue from price tags
  5. Neutralize heavy perfume from spills or over-sprays
  6. Neutralize and deodorize room odors
  7. Clean soot from fireplaces
  8. Deodorize heavy smoke smell from house fires
  9. Clean and deodorize vacuum filters
  10. Clean and deodorize reusable filters from appliances like air purifiers and dehumidifiers
  11. Clean and deodorize trashcans
  12. Freshen and deodorize throw pillow inserts
  13. Freshen and deodorize upholstered furniture after testing fabric in an area that does not show


  1. Wash fruit with a quick spray before eating to remove bitter waxy taste (Anolyte C)
  2. Disinfect food prep surfaces (no rinsing required) (Anolyte D only)
  3. Clean food prep surfaces
  4. Remove tarnish
  5. Clean food residue from dishwasher
  6. Clean spice jars after cooking
  7. Clean and deodorize refrigerator
  8. Disinfect areas with food spoilage in refrigerator or pantry (Anolyte D only)
  9. Clean knives between uses while cooking
  10. Clean coffee makers and their water reservoir
  11. Deodorize in-sink food disposal


  1. Remove soap scum from showers and tubs
  2. Remove mildew stains (Anolyte D only)
  3. Clean and freshen toilets
  4. Deodorize linen closets with a quick mist of Anolyte
  5. Clean tubs, showers, and sinks
  6. Make mirrors, windows, and glass shower stalls sparkle


  1. Clean bottoms of shoes to remove dirt and other impurities before tracking them into your home
  2. Spray mist in closets to remove musty, dusty smell
  3. Freshen and deodorize pillows and mattress when changing sheets


  1. Clean baby toys or pacifier after dropped on ground, especially in public areas
  2. Clean child’s training potty
  3. Clean children’s toys
  4. Disinfect children’s toys in time of illness (Anolyte D only)
  5. Clean and deodorize inside diaper bag
  6. Clean and deodorize diaper pails
  7. Clean and deodorize changing tables
  8. Disinfect changing tables (Anolyte D only)

Laundry Room

  1. Remove stains from clothing. Anolyte works great on ketchup and other stains
  2. Remove smoke or other odors from clothing without washing
  3. Use Anolyte D in clean cycle of washing machine to remove soap residues, mildew, and other buildups
  4. Clean mildew and soap scum from washing machine gasket and tub

Gym & Outdoor Athletic Activities

  1. Deodorize gym bag
  2. Deodorize athletic equipment like braces, protective pads, and helmets
  3. Deodorize gym locker
  4. Deodorize running shoes, golf cleats, etc.
  5. Clean golf club, tennis racket, badminton racket handles
  6. Remove smoke and mildew odor from tents & sleeping bags
  7. Clean cooking utensils at campsite
  8. Clean and deodorize deer stands and other hunting equipment
  9. Clean and deodorize baseball caps, straw hats, sun hats, and other headgear that is used for outside activities


  1. Clean car interior
  2. Clean impurities from gardening containers that might prevent seed germination
  3. Clean gardening tools after trimming diseased trees to prevent spreading the bacteria or virus to other plants (Anolyte D only)
  4. Clean tools before winterizing
  5. Remove dirt and other impurities from carts and wheelbarrows before bringing them into the garage
  6. Clean and deodorize used car ashtrays


  1. Remove mildew stains from life jackets
  2. Remove mildew odor from life jackets or other boat cushions
  3. Clean surfaces on boat and boating equipment
  4. Clean dirt, molds, and other impurities from inflatable pools, and pool toys
  5. Clean mildew stains and other dirt from outdoor umbrellas
  6. Remove mildew stains from outdoor furniture
  7. Remove grime and mildew stains from vinyl siding
  8. Clean green mold stains from wood fencing
  9. Clean green mold stains and gray stains from outdoor furniture
  10. Clean grill grates
  11. Clean and disinfect trellises, stakes, and tomato cages to remove bacteria and fungi that can ruin next year’s garden (Anolyte D only)

Traveling or Away from Home

  1. Clean shopping cart seats and handles
  2. Clean public toilet seats & handles
  3. Clean porta-potty or camp toilets before and after use
  4. Clean fold-down tray tables on trains & planes

Personal Care

  1. Rehydrate & refresh face with a mist of Anolyte S while traveling or after a long day
  2. Clean hands – Anolyte is an excellent alternative to soap and water at any time (Anolyte H or S)
  3. Soothes symptoms of skin irritations
  4. Manage and rehydrate wound areas and skin irritation symptoms (Anolyte F)
  5. Clean ear buds or headphones
  6. Soothe sunburns, windburns, carpet burns, turf burns and minor heat or flame related burns (Anolyte F)
  7. Clean cuts, scrapes, blisters and abrasions (Anolyte F)
  8. Clean cell phones – the surface that touches your face and the sides that touch your hands get the dirtiest
  9. Clean tablet surfaces and sides to prevent transference of germs by your hands
  10. Use Anolyte S in place of deodorant
  11. Soothe skin with Anolyte S after shaving

Animal Care

  1. Spray wounds on pets with Anolyte A Wound Care
  2. Clean pet cages & crates with Anolyte C
  3. Deodorize around pet crates and cages in between cleanings
  4. Clean and deodorize litter boxes
  5. Clean portable pet water bowls while traveling
  6. Clean and hydrate your pet’s coat and hide with Anolyte A Groom Care
  7. Disinfect grooming clippers and nail clippers (Anolyte D only)

General Office and Business Use

  1. Clean desks, tables, and other furniture
  2. Clean keyboards
  3. Clean and disinfect break room tables and food prep area (Anolyte D only)
  4. Clean public and employee restrooms
  5. Disinfect public and employee restrooms (Anolyte D only)
  6. Clean doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces
  7. Clean and deodorize waiting room furniture
  8. Clean buttons and dials, especially on shared office equipment
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  1. Where can I find the directions to doing the wonderful things that Anolyte Water does?
    such as: Remove stains from clothing. Anolyte works great on ketchup and other stains

    • Thank you for your question. In addition to the “101 Uses for Anolyte”, you will find more details that speak to the benefits and suggested uses of each product in product description section of the shopping cart, on each product label, and the product overview link under the shop tab. Also please check out NU Buzz and the “Anolyte It! Stories” which shares customer’s experiences and how they have used the Anolyte in their everyday lifestyles.

    • Hi Mary, we apologize for our delay in responding. For some reason, your query got missed. We do not currently promote Anolyte as a stain remover with directions on our actual product label, as it’s important to “test” an inconspicuous area first because, as with all stain removers, Anolyte may respond differently to different materials. We just continue to receive and share many Customer testimonials about how Anolyte has removed stains from clothing, furniture, carpet, rugs, etc. I witnessed personally removal of red wine from furniture at an Anolyte It! party, and I have also personally experienced removal of stains from clothing and carpet (after trying many other stain remover products). The best part is that there are no harmful fumes or chemicals we have to worry about with Anolyte! I sprayed Anolyte C (Cleanser) on the stains, and based on how old the stain was is what determined how many times I sprayed it. For example, I had a rug stain that was over 10 years old, it took about 10 times spraying Anolyte C and just letting it sit on the stain for the stain to disappear. With my golf shirt, the stain did not remove when I washed with Oxy-Clean twice, so since I was going to throw the shirt away anyway, I tried Anolyte. I sprayed stain 3 times, allowing it to dry between spraying, and by the third time, the stain was gone. We hope this helps!

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