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  • man cleaning with Anolyte C

    What are your 300 Surfaces?

    According to the Tork Report on Sustainability, the average person touches 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. Some of those surfaces are loaded with germs and many are touched without ever giving it a second thought, increasing the likelihood of exposure to bacteria and viruses that will not be caught until it is too late. Being aware […]

  • Go green with spring cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home

    It is that time of year when people all across America come out of hibernation and prepare their homes for the open window season. Spring Cleaning goes beyond a thorough dusting. It is a time to get to all those hard-to-reach places to remove the dust, dirt, and grease that accumulate throughout the year. There […]

  • Go Green with Household Cleaning Products

    When considering cleaning products, many people have traditionally looked closely at two things – whether a product worked and how much it cost. Over the past few years, consumers have become more concerned with how much danger the product poses to their family, their pets, and to the environment. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to […]

  • Flowers without & with anolyte

    Anolyte It! Stories: Testimonials from our customers

    We love hearing from our customers about all the ways Anolyte products have enhanced their lives. We’ve heard from parents and grandparents about how Anolyte F™ helped with pimples and eczema, we’ve heard from pet owners about how Anolyte A™ Wound Care helped dogs and horses heal from serious wounds, and we’ve heard from business […]

  • cut flowers

    Anolyte Tip: Keep cut flowers fresh with Anolyte C

    It is National Flower Arranging Day in the UK and naturally that got us thinking about some of the side benefits of using Anolyte C when cleaning around the house. It turns out that a little bit of Anolyte C added to the water will keep fresh cut flowers looking fresher for a longer period of time, […]

  • dog biscuit recipe

    Two great treats for your pup on National Dog Biscuit Day!

    Every dog likes getting treats and in honor of National Dog Biscuit Day we are sharing our favorite dog biscuit recipe. You might think mixing and rolling out the dough would be time-consuming, but the process doesn’t take that much time and our dogs love these biscuits. They are the perfect way to reward your furry […]

  • In the know with Milo

    In the know with Milo #6: What makes Anolyte F – First Aid Safe?

    Today we hear from Anolyte product expert Milo Carter in the sixth and final episode of, In the know with Milo, and he answers the question, “What makes Anolyte F, first aid safe?”   Transcript Milo Carter: When you become an FDA product, you have to list everything that’s in your formulation. So the safety of the product […]

  • In the know with Milo

    In the Know with Milo #5: How does Anolyte Disinfect?

    Nature Unleashed product expert, Milo Carter, is back in our fifth installment of In the Know with Milo and he answers the question, how does Anolyte disinfect? Using a simple visual, Milo makes it easy to understand how oxidation works and why the two-prong attack of Anolyte D is so effective at killing listed pathogens. […]

  • In the know with Milo

    In the know with Milo: What makes Anolyte eco-friendly

    In our fourth edition of, “In the know with Milo,” our product expert Milo Carter shares with us what makes our Anolyte packaging eco-friendly. The high-quality, food-grade plastic is lightweight and perfect for recycling.   Transcript Milo: We are a high-density polyethylene which is a very dense food grade bottle. You know everything that we package […]

  • yoga mat

    10 Germ-infested everyday items that might surprise you

    You do not have to be a germaphobe to be grossed out by the number of harmful bacteria we expose ourselves to using common items in our day-to-day routine. When many of us think of germ infested areas of our home or office, we think of toilets and trash cans. The fact is, some of […]

  • Brand Partner Product Package

    Realize Your Financial Potential as a Brand Partner with Nature Unleashed

    Whether you want to supplement your earnings, or you plan to someday replace your full-time income completely, Nature Unleashed offers the products and the tools to help you achieve your personal financial fulfillment. According to the Small Business Administration, more than half of all businesses in the U.S. are home-based businesses.  It is a growing […]

  • In the know with Milo

    In the Know with Milo: Why do Wounds Brighten with Anolyte F

    Today we have an opportunity to find out from our product expert, Milo Carter, why wounds and the skin surrounding wounds brighten in color when using Anolyte F, the amazing new first aid spray from Nature Unleashed. Make sure you see the first two videos in our product Q&A with Milo. In the first video, […]