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  • In the know with Milo

    In the Know with Milo: How do I use Anolyte F?

    Milo Carter, our product expert at Nature Unleashed, has answered questions from consumers in a series of videos. Today’s video answers the question, “How do I use Anolyte F?” In our Week 1 video, we met Milo who is a former therapist with the Shealy Clinic and a past instructor for continuing education for doctors, nurses, physical and massage […]

  • clean kitchen with Anolyte

    How to Disinfect Your Home

    To prevent the spread of germs, experts recommend that you disinfect certain areas of your home on a regular basis and that you disinfect more often when a family member is sick. This advice may seem obvious, but proper disinfecting often requires more than a simple spray and swipe with a common household product. If […]

  • In the know with Milo

    In the Know with Milo: Anolyte F 510k Medical Device

    At Nature Unleashed, we feel very fortunate to have our Anolyte product expert available to answer questions about these amazing products. We took questions from consumers and Milo answered them via video chat. Today’s question is about our first aid product, Anolyte F and its FDA designation as a 510k medical device. Transcript Kimberly: Now […]

  • ATP testing with Anolyte D

    ATP Testing: Toilet seat before and after Anolyte D

    On average we touch 300 surfaces every 30 minutes and with sometimes hundreds of thousands of bacteria on each square inch of the common items we touch daily, it is scary to imagine what we might be picking up. Our team at Nature Unleashed decided to test for actively growing microorganisms on some of these surfaces using a […]

  • flu bug

    How to help prevent the spread of flu in your home

    Once a strain of the flu is introduced into your home, it can spread between family members very rapidly. Flu viruses can be deadly so it is important that healthy family members take steps to help stop the spread of the virus. The CDC has declared a flu epidemic in the US, so it is […]

  • Fundraising with Anolyte image

    Fundraising with Nature Unleashed and Anolyte

    Nature Unleashed will partner with your organization during your next fundraiser to help you raise money selling unique, breakthrough cleaning and personal care products that have the potential to change lives. According to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS) 89% of parents with school-aged children, support their child’s school by purchasing items during a […]

  • Holiday Starter Kit Anolyte

    Anolyte: The Gift of Clean

    It is that time of year when we rush around trying to pick out just the right gift for our family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. Not much replaces the thrill of finding a gift that is perfect for the recipient. This year, show how you feel with products that will help make the lives of those […]

  • Clean kitchen with tips for crash cleaning

    Tips for Holiday Crash Cleaning

    Most of us live with at least one area of our home that is a little more cluttered than the rest of the house. For some, it is a junk drawer or a messy desk, but for many of us the clutter takes up a closet or even an entire room and it seems to […]

  • Product bottles of Anolyte A for animals

    Anolyte A: Animal Grooming and Wound Care

    The pet care industry is a $4 billion industry. Walk down the pet care aisle of any grocery store or visit any specialty pet shop and it is easy to see how the dollars all add up. Of course, we spend money taking care of our pets. For many of us, they come in second […]

  • Anolyte F - Germ fighting, sting-free first aid

    Anolyte F: Simple, Convenient, Sting-free First Aid

    Scrapes and cuts are scary for children and every mother has heard, “Will it sting,” as they approach their child with first aid sprays, ointments, and creams. With Anolyte F, you can clean wounds knowing that you aren’t causing your child greater discomfort and that you are using a product that is a toxic-free convenient […]

  • Brand Partner Product Package

    Nature Unleashed: Unprecedented Support for Brand Partners

    For Joe, Darren, and Kimberly – Cofounders of Nature Unleashed, it isn’t enough to say they want to help people create a path toward financial fulfillment, they are intent on living that promise every day in their approach to direct sales and in the commitments they make to their Brand Partners. According to Joe DeSantis, […]

  • 8 ounce and 2 ounce bottles of Anolyte H

    Anolyte H: Raising the Bar on Hand Cleaners

    Did you know that on average we touch more than 300 surfaces every 30 minutes and that 1000 bacteria cells fit easily onto a surface the same size as the top of a pencil eraser? It is a wonder we don’t catch every bug going around. Anolyte H offers a convenient, toxin-free alternative to soap and […]