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  • Bottle bundles of Anolyte S

    Anolyte S: The natural way to refresh and rehydrate your skin

    There is nothing more refreshing than to wash off the grime after a long day. It not only makes you feel better, it is a ceremonial fresh start for the evening – hours that are often spent taking care of families, cleaning homes, or finishing work from the office. Anolyte S takes this routine to […]

  • Bottle of Anolyte D

    Anolyte D: Your first line of defense against germs

    When you want to go beyond clean – when you want to deep-disinfect your home, you need Anolyte D, an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant that when used as directed will destroy bacteria and viruses that have found their way into your home – bacteria and viruses like Staph, MRSA, H1N1, HIV, and Tuberculosis. On average, we […]

  • Anolyte C full set

    Anolyte C: Simple, Effective Clean for Every Room in Your Home

    Americans spend almost $600 and more than 300 hours each year cleaning our homes and other areas where we work and play. Many of the cleaning products we buy use harsh chemicals and are not environmentally safe – let alone safe for children and pets. Nature Unleashed offers a solution with Anolyte C, a simple, […]

  • jungle gym germs

    Tips to protect your children from germs

    As parents, we work hard to monitor the safety of our children’s environment. We clean, sanitize, disinfect, and clean some more. We teach our children to wash their hands with soap, to not eat and drink after others, and to dispose of used tissues. After all this effort, it is understandable that the first sniffle […]

  • lightning over the ocean

    The Science Behind Anolyte

    Imagine a line of strong, effective cleaning products made of nothing more than salt, water, and an electrical charge. Through the process of electrolysis or electrochemical activation, the salt water is transformed into anolyte, a disinfectant that in appropriate concentrations, is gentle enough to wash bacteria from a wound and powerful enough to remove mold […]

  • Things You Should Never, Ever Clean With

    Elle Decor 7 Things You Should Never, Ever Clean With   1. Vinegar: Using vinegar on hardwood floors, natural tiles, and granite countertops can damage the finish causing them to appear dull. 2. Soap/detergent: Using soaps and detergents can be harsh and damage rugs and leather- it can also leave behind a residue. 3. Bleach: The chlorine […]

  • Fears For Antibiotic Apocalypse Grow

    (Paul Rodgers)  The biggest threat to human health today isn’t global warming, says a group of eminent scientists, it is resistance to antibiotics. The situation, which has been described as ‘apocalyptic’, is so desperate that a global response, similar to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is urgently needed, said experts gathered at the Royal Society in […]

  • flesh eating bacteria

    Necrotizing fasciitis: New treatment discovered for deadly flesh-eating disease

    By Amanda Woerner Published November 21, 2013 In January 2012, Lori Madsen, then 51, was walking through a parking lot, when she fell and skinned her arm. Initially, she didn’t think much about the rugburn-like abrasion on her arm – but later that night, Madsen’s arm began to swell. Two days later, the pain was so […]

  • bandaids

    How HOCl Causes Cell Lysis

    The causal agent in cell lysis in phagocytosis is Hypochlorous Acid.  A Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), HOCl deactivates the Electron transport of the mitochondria and denatures the proteins involved with DNA and RNA synthesis, destroys the lipid bi-layer, and exposes the cytosol to oxidation. Here are a few samples of peer reviewed research. In addition […]

  • hypochlorous acid curve graph

    Understanding Hypochlorous Acid

    HOCl is a weak inorganic acid that only exists in water.  It also only exists in a rather narrow pH. The left side of the curve is at about pH 2. The right side is pH 8. The high point is pH 5, The area outside the curve to the left is Chlorine Gas, Cl2 (not […]