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  • flowers

    Same bunch. Flowers in vase on the right was treated with 3 tbsp of Anolyte C, then sprayed once per day with Anolyte C. Results 10 days later.

    1. Before
    2. After

    Spray washed with Anolyte D. one year later, still no mold stains.

    1. Before
    2. After

    Spray washed siding with Anolyte D. two years later, still no mold.

  • fence-buzz

    Left side of fence Anolyte last year, right side traditional cleaner. Right side came back.

washerAnyone who has a front loading washer knows that a bothersome build up of mildew accumulates on the interior door and rubber rim… Look at how Anolyte C wipes it away!

Ann Marie, Georgia

dog-allergiesThis dog had severe allergies, losing hair, and after spraying Anolyte A (Groom Care) 5 times a day, you can see the hair is growing back. Every time the dog comes in from outside, we spray the dog and its paws.

Jill, Missouri

Wesley-Arm-PicsI’m 82. I fainted and my elbow went through a door. I sprayed it with Anolyte and bandaged my wound every day for a week. I cannot believe how quickly my arm looked and felt better. No infection and no pain while spraying it on my wound.
P.S. The Anolyte C (Cleanser) cleaned all the blood out of my carpet, too!

Wesley in Fort Worth, Texas

blue chairLast year we obtained chairs to sit by the pool almost immediately they started turning black! I tried unsuccessfully to clean them using several harsh chemicals to no avail!
I tried Anolyte C thinking I would see the same results! I was absolutely shocked! My chairs look like new and it took very little elbow grease! They are beautiful!
I have very sensitive skin and can’t tolerate bleach, I am thrilled to have found this product!
It also does wonders on porcelain !!

Kim, South Carolina

Carpet-Stain-TestimonialAnolyte D is amazing for pesky pet stains! Other leading cleansers couldn’t get it out of my dining room carpet… yuck!




Delani McDorman Keough, North Carolina

Back-Staph-Testimonial-ImageOn Friday, neighbor doctor informed me I had an infection from the gym on my back. I sprayed Anolyte F (First Aid) 3 times a day and by Sunday, my back was much better.


Stacie, Georgia

Horse-Testimonial-ImageThis horse developed a skin irritation, spraying Anolyte A Wound 3 times a day in two weeks the hair had grown back.

Jill, Missouri

Flower-Image-for-Testimonial3I have no idea what is in the Anolyte but cut flowers love it!! First my roses lasted 2 weeks and now my tulips are thriving after a week! Awesome product!! I will always keep a bottle on hand!

Rhonda, Georgia