Brand Ambassador?
‘Think 5 for every $50’!  Consumers who enroll as a Preferred Customer become our Brand Ambassadors.  Through sharing product experiences, they engage and refer others to purchase and experience Anolyte products.  Brand Ambassadors receive $5 credit for every new Customer and/or Brand Partner referral who orders $50 or more.  All Brand Ambassadors, as well as Customers, are connected to a Brand Partner to ensure the best personal service.

Brand Partner?
Purchase our Brand Partner Turnkey Business Kit, and join us to Anolyte the World! Earn rewards for personal and direct sales Customer orders and team group sales as you develop your Brand Partner team.

Brand Partner Annual Renewal?
On individual annual Anniversary Date with Nature Unleashed, Brand Partners will be asked to confirm accuracy of our Brand Partner Profile and revisit and acknowledge Agreement, along with Unleash the Power of Partner Commitments between Nature Unleashed and Our Brand Partners. In addition, an Edu-Powerment assessment, as well as a small renewal fee may apply.

Brand Partner Kit?
Purchase our Brand Partner Turnkey Business Kit to become a Brand Partner with Nature Unleashed.  The Kit is $49.99 and consists of a turnkey business package, including: Product Demo carrying case / display (for demo products), as well as Portfolio with Inserts (presentation tool),  Virtual Office Suite (e.g. personal website, genealogy tracking and reporting, Edu-Powerment sessions, additional support tools), etc.

Commissionable Products?
All Brand Partner Enrollment Product Bundles, personal orders and Customer product purchases are commissionable. In following Direct Selling Association (DSA) guidelines, our Brand Partner Turnkey Business Kit purchase is non-commissionable.

Lead Distribution (Customers)?
In 2015, Customer leads will be distributed between all Brand Partners who have grown their Customer and/or Brand Partner Team by 4 in the previous month. Nature Unleashed does not take Customer orders directly. All Customer orders flow through our Brand Partners.

Questions and Supports?
Consumers: If not answered on this website, email your questions to us at

Customers: If not answered on this website, your Brand Partner is a great resource, and you can also email us at

Brand Partners: if not answered on this website, reference Unleash the Power of Partner Commitments Between Nature Unleashed and our Brand Partners, as a great resource, as well as your Brand Partner Mentor, if applicable.  You can also email us at

Repleniship Monthly?
Select and receive a ten (10) day and five (5) day reminder notification about your monthly Repleniship order, then decide whether or not to accept, modify product selection and/or change shipping* date.  This is a convenient courtesy service provided by Nature Unleashed.

*Free shipping with $50 or more monthly Repleniship product order ($50 minimum, not including tax) in contiguous U.S.  Free shipping automatically received on orders of $100 or more in contiguous U.S.  In Canada, free shipping on $100 Repleniship orders or more or on all orders of $150 or more.

Customer Orders: 100% Customer Satisfaction or a full refund within thirty (30) days following delivery and receipt of product purchase. All commissionable Customer product returns will be deducted from respective Brand Partner’s monthly commission.

Brand Partner Kit: Refund when returned within twelve (12) months of Brand Partner Agreement date.

The Brand Ambassador and Brand Partner rewards are designed to be lucrative, yet simple to understand.  Simply stated… spread the word, share the products, achieve sales and receive rewards for your efforts.  No additional monthly qualifiers.

Rewards Daily?
Yes.  Your direct sales commission from your personal and your Customers’ orders (up to 50%) will go directly into your eWallet (in your Virtual Office Suite) immediately following each and every Customer order transaction on a daily basis. No additional qualifiers.

Rewards Monthly?
Yes. There are two (2)monthly rewards:

  1. Customer Order Differential Bonus (CODB), is based on your monthly aggregate.  When there is a difference in percentage earned between monthly total order volume amount and each individual Customer order amount already paid, you will be paid the difference in that commission percentage.  For example, throughout the month, you earned 10% on a $100 order, 30% on a $350 order, 10% on a $50 order, then at the end of the month, your aggregate is $500 (or more), so your commission percentage is 50%.  Therefore, you will receive a CODB, which means Nature Unleashed will pay you any difference owed between the percentages you already received and the 50% commission level you achieved with your monthly aggregate.  The CODB will be paid within five (5) business days (excluding holidays) of the first week following the close of previous month earned.
  2. Team Group Sales Bonus (TGSB), which is three (3) levels of additional percentages (3%, 2%, 1%, respectively) of commission paid based upon your Team Group Sales of Brand Partners… the true power of duplication is seen when Brand Partners duplicate themselves. This TGSB will be paid within five (5) business days (excluding holidays) of the first week following the close of previous month earned.
Rewards – Why only 3 levels of commission for Team Group Sales?
To provide an overall, unprecedented simple and lucrative compensation plan:

  • Affordable products, with free shipping offers
  • Preferred Customer offer (Brand Ambassador) to support Brand Partner in receiving Customer referrals
  • High commission (up to 50%) to our Brand Partners on personal and Customer orders, paid daily in support of immediate rewards
  • Customer Order Differential Bonus (CODB) on cumulative monthly orders, paid monthly in support of maximum earnings for efforts
  • Team Group Sales Bonus (TGSB) for duplicating and mentoring, paid monthly in support of residual earnings for efforts

Our Mission isTo offer a progressive approach for entrepreneurs and consumers to discover financial fulfillment and personal well-being through unparalleled products.

Shipping Free?
Free when you select Monthly Repleniship with an order of $50 or more in contiguous U.S.  If prefer not to select Repleniship option, standard free shipping is with orders of $100 or more in contiguous U.S.  In Canada, free shipping for Repleniship order of $100 or more and free shipping on all orders of $150 or more.