Survivor Story Contest Week 4: Disasters that Hit Home

Let anolyte help you clean up after a home disasterGrease fires, frozen pipes, burst hot water heaters, black mold, or sewage gushing up through the toilet – these are just a few of the disasters that can strike you when you’re in the safety of your own home.

Whether you own or rent, you can be faced with quite a cleaning job after water, fire, smoke, or sewage ruins a room or two. It can be a challenge to restore your home back the way it was. While you’re up to your elbows in stagnant water, smoke, mildewed carpet, and soot, you need help from a product like Anolyte H to help clean the grime and impurities from your hands and exposed skin.

Tell us about how you survived a disaster in your home for a chance to win a 2-oz bottle of Anolyte H. You can learn more about this amazing product here.

Home Disaster Survival Stories

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