• Ann Marie, Georgia

    Anyone who has a front loading washer knows that a bothersome build up of mildew accumulates on the interior door and rubber rim… Look at how Anolyte C wipes it away!

  • Jill, Missouri

    This dog had severe allergies, losing hair, and after spraying Anolyte A (Groom Care) 5 times a day, you can see the hair is growing back. Every time the dog comes in from outside, we spray the dog and its paws.

  • Wesley in Fort Worth, Texas

    I’m 82. I fainted and my elbow went through a door. I sprayed it with Anolyte and bandaged my wound every day for a week. I cannot believe how quickly my arm looked and felt better. No infection and no pain while spraying it on my wound. P.S. The Anolyte C (Cleanser) cleaned all the […]

  • Kim, South Carolina

    Last year we obtained chairs to sit by the pool almost immediately they started turning black! I tried unsuccessfully to clean them using several harsh chemicals to no avail! I tried Anolyte C thinking I would see the same results! I was absolutely shocked! My chairs look like new and it took very little elbow […]

  • staph infection healing after Anolyte

    Stacie, Georgia

    On Friday, neighbor doctor informed me I had an infection from the gym on my back. I sprayed Anolyte F (First Aid) 3 times a day and by Sunday, my back was much better.  

  • horse treated with Anolyte A

    Jill, Missouri

    This horse developed a skin irritation, spraying Anolyte A Wound 3 times a day in two weeks the hair had grown back.

  • Rhonda, Georgia

    I have no idea what is in the Anolyte but cut flowers love it!! First my roses lasted 2 weeks and now my tulips are thriving after a week! Awesome product!! I will always keep a bottle on hand!